Department of Hopitality Management
 Academic Year : 2015 - 2019
Foundation Year
Fisrt Semester   Second Semester 
Course Code Subject Credit Course Code Subject Credit
THE1100 Religious Study I 3 LAW1201 Public Administration 3
KHL1101 Cambodian History 3 ECO1201 Principles of Economics 3
MAT1101 Mathematics 3 CSC1201 Computer Administration 3
ENG1101 Core English I 3 ENG1202 Core English II 3
HM1101 Introduction to Hospitality I 3 HM1102 Introduction to Hospitality II 3
  Total  15   Total  15
Total Credits for Foundation Year: 30
Second Year
IT1 IT for Hospitality and Tourism 3 HM06 Hotel Operations Management 3
HM03 Basic Nutrition 3 HM07 Housekeeping Management w/ Laboratory 3
HM01 Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism 3 HM02 Contemporary Issues in Hospitality and Tourism 3
HM04 Hygiene, Sanitation and Environmental Concerns 3 HM08 Art of Baking w/ Laboratory 6
HM05 Hospitality Laws 3 MGT1 Management Principles and Practices 3
THE2105 Introduction to Christian I 1 THE2205 Introduction to Christian II 1
ENG1 Communication Arts Skills 6 ENG2 Speech and Oral Communication 6
  Total  22   Total  25
Total Credits for Second Year: 30
Third Year
HM09 Events Management & Sales for Hospitality Industry 3 HM013 International Cuisine w/ Laboratory 3
HM010 Culinary Arts and Sciences w/ Laboratory 3 HM014 Events Planning and Catering w/ Laboratory 3
HM011 Food & Beverage Management (Kitchen & Restaurant) 3 HM015 Financial Management for Hospitality and Tourism 3
HM012 Restaurant Operations 3 HM016 Hotel Design and Planning 3
KOR1 Korean Language and Grammar 3 HM017 Resort, Club and Spa Management 3
ENG3 English for Hospitality and Tourism 6 ENG4 Business Communication 6
  Total  21   Total  21
Total Credits for Third Year: 30
Fourth Year
HM018 Research Methodology 15 HM019 Practicum: Hotel Operations (Front Office & Housekeeping) 8
      HM020 Practicum: Food & Beverage Management (Kitchen & Restaurant) 8
  Total  15   Total  16
Total Credits for Fourth Year: 31
Grand Total Credits: 150