Dr.Kim Sang Tae


      It has truly been an honor to be a servant of the Lord, serving the students, missionaries, and the Cambodian staff as Vice President of Life University.
In loving guidance of the Holy Spirit, I came to Life University one and a half years ago. It seems like just yesterday when I arrived here for the first time, but it flew by so fast.    Momentarily, I look back and see my Lord, Jesus Christ walking right beside me, holding and pulling my hand, sometimes in silence, smiling and waiting for me to catch a breath or two-and again He is right beside me so that I can continue to do my work.  I am so thankful that God considered me to be faithful enough to serve Him.  He has granted me strength and made me able to do my ministry(I Timothy 1:12) at Life University.

     I know for sure that God sent me to Cambodia to do His Will because He loves the Cambodian people.  I also grow to love the Cambodian people more and more every day.  I am so privileged to be part of the family at Life University to serve our students.
The Words of Esther 4:14 and Hosea 3:1 came to my heart so strongly for our students and for the Cambodian people.  I am so excited to see many of our students come to know Jesus Christ each day through our missionary professors. I am convinced that it won’t be too long before all the people of Cambodia praise and worship God.   We are brothers and sisters in Christ and all of us are children of God.  I pray that God's Mercy and Grace be upon all of our students like a sweet, gentle rain shower.

Our mission is to nurture and develop the talents of students; to educate sincere and competent global leaders; and to provide a higher quality of education to students who desire to partake in improving Cambodia’s economy, industry, and culture. We also aim to equip our students so that once they graduate they will become an ambassador of the Gospel and prayer warriors wherever they go.  Whenever Jesus saw the multitudes, His heart was filled with compassion for them because they were weary and scattered, like sheep having no shepherd(Matthew5:36), thus He provided whatever multitudes needed – preaching, teaching, and healing to save their physical and spiritual well being.  God wants us to use all of our abilities and talents to reach every person.  He wants us to reach people with education and he wants us to use our physical and spiritual skills to help people overcome their physical needs and achieve eternal life through Jesus Christ.
As I am proud of being a part of Life University, I want all of our staff and students to love our school and be proud to be a part of this family by studying diligently and working faithfully as we do unto the Lord.  Then Life University will become one of the most prestigious and blessed universities in the Kingdom of Cambodia.  Thank you for letting me be a part of your life.  Amen.  Professor Kim Sang Tae.

From Vice President of Life University