Professor. Shin Hyo-Hun

Srun Chivan


Missionary & Professor


Department of Business Management

College of

Business Management





Education Background

  • Feb.1964 Graduated from the Department of Public Administration.
  • College of Law, Seoul National University (BA degree)
    Feb,2008 Graduated from the Department of Law, Graduate School
  • Kyunghee University (MA degree)


Work Experience

  • July. 1968 Joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)
    July. 1971 Third Secretary, Korean Embassy to the Netherlands
  • Feb. 1977 First Secretary, Korean Permanent Observer Mission to the United Nations and Other International Organizations in Geneva, Switzerland
  • Mar. 1980 Director, International Organizations Division I, MOFA
  • Nov. 1981 Director, International Law Division, MOFA
    Jul. 1982 Counsellor, Korean Embassy to Papua New Guinea
  • Jul. 1985 Consul, Korean Consulate General in Chicago, U.S.A.
  • May 1988 Deputy Director-General for Treaties, International
  • Organizations and Treaties Bureau, MOFA
    Jan. 1990 Minister and Consul-General, Korean Embassy to Indonesia
  • Feb. 1992 Ambassador to Ghana
  • Apr. 1993 Director-General, Treaties Bureau, MOFA
  • Feb. 1995 Ambassador to Saudi Arabia
  • May, 1998 Ambassador, Advisor for International Relations to Kyonggi Province, Korea
  • Mar. 1999 Ambassador to Australia
  • Aug. 2001 Research Commissioner, Institute of Foreign Affairs and National Security (IFANS)
  • Dec. 2001 Vice Chancellor of the IFANS
  • Aug. 2002 Ambassador to Argentina
  • Sep. 2003 Professor Emeritus, IFANS
  • Feb. 2004 Visiting Professor, Hoseo University
  • Feb. 2005 Visiting Professor, Graduate School of International Relations, Ewha Women’s University
  • Apr. 2005 Vice President, Korean Council on Foreign Relations
  • Jun. 2006 Governor, North Hamkyong Province, Korea
  • Mar. 2010-present Advisor to the President on International Law,Korean Red Cross
  • Mar 2010-Feb. 2015 Visiting Professor, Songho College
    DECORATIONS : Dec. 1991 Order of Service Merit (Red Stripes)
  • Aug. 2003 Order of Service Merit (Yellow Stripes)
  • present working as the missionary & professor of Life University