Department of Computer Science


The Department of Computer Science now offers the course for the Bachelor degree in Computer Science. The main objective of the department is to offer excellent researching environments and technical practices. The department strives to provide to students the fundamental knowledge and problem-solving skills in Computer Science as well as insights on the impact of Information Technology to the Cambodian society.



Department of Civil Engineering


The department of Civil Engineering prepares and challenges its students to become an advance knowledge in civil engineering and technological solutions to help improve mankind and the Cambodian living environment as a whole.
Civil Engineering is a mixture of several disciplines area including structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, bridge construction engineering, surveying engineering, hydraulics structure engineering, road and highways engineering, laboratory engineering, construction engineering and management, environmental management and water and waste water engineering.

Our comprehensive and versatile undergraduate programme offers students an excellent opportunity to develop a career in civil engineering. The solid training provided gives students an excellent preparation for the increasing and changing demands of society.