Life University's vision is to provide higher quality education to students who desire to partake in improving Cambodia's economy, industry, and future.

In order to achieve this goal LU's vision for the future includes:

1) Developing courses that give students the appropriate knowledge and skills that will more directly meet the needs of the Cambodian community, whether in the private or non-government sector.

2) Developing and updating the research capability, teaching competence and confidence to the university staff through supplementary training.

3) Developing more NGO and industry-partnerships as an effort to provide students with work experience and jobs and also to provide staff the opportunity to conduct community research that is valuable to the development of the country, NGO policies and activities, and new products.

4) Obtaining greater self-sufficiency and sustainability.


Life University's mission is to nurture and develop students' talents and educate excellent, and compassionate, global leaders through Christian activities.

Our Goals:

-To provide students with an exceptional education through Christian Education.
-To develop the appropriate infrastructure necessary to support Life University's mission and vision.


The Life University strives to preserve and promote the Khmer culture and support Cambodia's development through education, research and community service. The Life University prepares students to become effective members of the Cambodian society by equipping them with the professional capability to develop and enrich the country in the areas of Science, Technology and the Arts.