Grading System

 1.   The mid-term and final exams make up a total of 50% of the final grade. The breakdown of the remaining 50% is left to the discretion of individual departments. The components of the remaining 50% are quizzes, homework/assignments, class participation, and class activities such as projects, reports, and seatwork.


  2. The passing grade of a subject is 60% of the total grade; hence the failing grade is below 60%.

Rating (equivalent in GPA)

                  GPA (4.50)                       A+                   95 -  100
                  GPA (4.00)                       A                     90 -  94
                  GPA (3.50)                       B+                   85 -  89
                  GPA (3.00)                       B                     80 -  84
                  GPA (2.50)                       C+                   75 -  79
                  GPA (2.00)                       C                     70 -  74
                  GPA (1.50)                       D+                   65 -  69
                  GPA (1.00)                       D                     60 -  64
                  GPA (below 1.00)     (Fail) ; F   Below 60

Grade Point Average (GPA) Calculation



                    Total Grade Points Earned

        GPA = ---------------------------------

                    Total Credit Attempted


Examination Regulations

1.  All students must be seated in the exam room 15 minutes before the exam begins.


2. Students will not be allowed to take the exam if they are late after 15 minutes. In case of serious situation please proceed to the Academic Office.

3. Complete uniform must be worn during exams. Otherwise, the student will not be allowed to take the exam.

4. Student ID cards must be displayed prominently during exam.

5. All answers need to be written only on the exam paper provided by the University with the signature of the invigilator.

6. Students need to sign the attendance sheet for each subject.

7. Only blue colored ink pens are to be used, and no correction pens are allowed. Marks will not be given for any answers that violate this rule.

8. Students are allowed to leave the room once they have completed the exam. Upon submission of the exam paper, the student cannot come back and continue further.

9. No books, notes, or papers are allowed to be taken into the room.

10. Mobile phones must be turned off. If students are caught using their mobile phones (i.e., making calls, receiving calls, sending text messages, receiving text messages or using any other functions of the mobile phone), the score will be zero.

11. Talking is not tolerated during the exam. Stop talking when the invigilators arrive, and do not begin talking again until you are out of the classroom. If you are caught talking, your score for the exam will be zero. In any circumstances or situations, students are not allowed to ask the invigilators or any lecturers or professors. If any question or problem is given wrong technically in the exam paper, it will receive full marks.

12. Do not look at other students’ papers. Keep your own paper on the desk. Do not wave it around or hold it up for your friends to see. If you are caught doing these things, your score will be zero.

13. All completed papers must be handed in when the time is up in exchange for their Student IDs.

14. Cheating in any form will not be tolerated. This will result in a zero score for the paper.

15. Students are not allowed to change the seat number. Any student who will do this, their score will be zero.


Zero-toleration Conditions

The following conditions will result in failure of the particular subject:

- Having direct conflict with the exam commissioner/ invigilator

- Destroying your exam paper or the paper of others impulsively

- Bribing the marker, or indulging in any other underhand method, or any unacceptable actions during exam


16. In case, the student who takes exam instead of others or vice versa will be dismissed from Life University without any tolerance.

17. For serious cases like hitting the invigilator or lecturer and/or violent confrontation will result in dismissal from the University without any tolerance.