Colleges of Business Management

  Department of General Management        

The department provides students with specific basic concepts of the business operation by focusing on the relating fields such as accounting, finance, management and marketing, which effectively enhance them to analyze and control the whole management changing environment affecting on the business successes and organizational

  Department of Business Accounting        

Accounting, in a limited sense, is the analysis, classification, and recording of financial events and the reporting of the results of such events for the organization. In a broader sense, accounting consists of all financial systems for planning, controlling, and appraising performance of an organization. Accounting includes among its many facets: financial planning, budgeting, accounting systems, financial management controls, financial analysis of performance, financial reporting, internal and external auditing, and taxation. The accounting curriculum provides an educational foundation for careers in public accounting, management, whether in private business organizations, government or nonprofit agencies, or consulting. The accounting profession has always provided financial information useful in making economic decisions. In the present, knowledge of the economy, relevant, accessible information and its effective management have gained even greater value. The accounting faculty of Life University, through its teaching and research, enables members of the accounting profession to meet the financial information needs of their stakeholders.

  Department of Finance and Banking        

Department of Finance and Banking provides Life University students with information and education needed to make informed financial decisions. Finance and Banking offers a broad business background in combination with the study of practical financial knowledge mandatory for success in this dynamic profession. Challenges faced in the course-of-study develop conceptual, financing and communication skills. The program focuses on the functions of finance in the firm, stock and bond analysis and investment management, sources of financing, and the financial system and securities markets.

  Department of Marketing        

Marketing is responsible for acquiring, satisfying, and retaining customers by building and maintaining mutually-beneficial long-term relationships with target customers. Marketing professionals understand: (1) Who are our customers? (2) what are their needs? and ( 3) how can we satisfy their needs better than our competitors? (4) while meeting the firm’s goals for revenue, profitability and market share. Marketers are charged with analyzing and predicting the influence of external environmental factors on customers, competition, and costs.