New International school (2011-2012)

-Size:9,090 m2
-Capacity:20 class rooms
-Public facilities

Professorapartment (Residence for professor’s family(2013-2014)


-Size:5,000 m2
-Capacity:50 families
-Public facilities

Student dormitory(2014-2015)

-Size:12,600 m2
-Capacity : 1,200 students
-Amenity facilities
-Laundry Dry, cleaning
-Cash(ATM machine)

College of Medical science(2016-2017)

-Size:,200 m2 (6 floors)
-Capacity:800 students
-Research center
-Medical library

U-Library (2017-2018)

-Size:6,500 m2(6 floors)
-24-hour study room , study room
-U-lounge, User Service Center, Gallery
-U-Management System

(2018-2019)College of Architecture /U-City design school

-Size:8,000 m2(5 floors)
-U-City R & D (Research & Development)
-5 departments

(2019-2020)Sports plaza

-Size:12,000 m2(3 floors)
-Main sports field
-Fitness Center Gymnasium
-Swimming Pool

(2020-2022)Life Tower Complex

-Size:6,200 m2(15 floors)
-Capacity: Resort(66 rooms)
-Global cultural Area
-Facilities: Tower, Urban Observatory, Convention Hall, Meeting Hall,
-Restaurant, Educational and Cultural Affairs.