Colleges of Nursing and Midwifery

    Department of Nursing        

The four years Bachelor of Science in nursing offers training program in leading and serving the Nursing Society of Cambodia with Christian approach the first kind in Cambodia. The curriculum and all school systems is primarily base on producing quality education and reliable health forces to promote the health system in Cambodia. As such to maintain the slow growing pace of health care system in Cambodia and to facilitate the present health needs for the Cambodian.

Life University's Department of Nursing, a diverse community of scholars and clinicians, fosters leadership in education, the advancement of nursing science and scholarly practice. College of Nursing is in close collaboration with the Cambodian government, Ministry of Health, and universities in Korea and other countries. By pursuing these objectives, the Department of Nursing engages the mind, elevates the spirit, and stimulates the best effort of all who are associated with Life University, to contribute in various ways to the local community, the nation and the world, and to attain and maintain a place of real leadership.

    Department of Midwifery        

The goal of the Department of Midwifery at Life University is to educate and prepare students to become caring and skilled practitioners who are willing to serve women and the families of their communities.