Memorandum of Understanding between Beacon International

College Life University ,Cambodia

Beacon International college, Singapore and Life University, Cambodia, consent to enter into a formal exchange agreement, based on a foundation of mutual trust established by previous contacts and visits, in order to promote further exchanges of students, faculty members, and administrative staff members for the purpose of educational development and cultural exchange and to contribute to the mutual benefits and development of the two universities. This MOU also covers the graduate schools of each party.


1.The two educational institutions shall promote the following exchange activities, based on their respective academic and educational needs:


a. Exchange of students based on the principle of a direct one-to-one exchange of students with tuition waivers at the host educational institution. The number of students from each educational institution will not exceed two in each semester.
b.Exchange of teaching faculty and administrative staff members
c. Joint research and symposium
d. Exchange of academic materials, publications, and information


2. he two educational institutions will cooperate in the development of cultural and educational activities that may be initiated by either party.

3. All financial arrangements will be negotiated for each specific activity.

4.Academic venture activities developed under this agreement will be valid upon formal approval by the top-ranking personnel, namely, the President or Vice-president of the two educational institutions.

5. This agreement shall remain in effect for five years from the date of signature. The termination of the agreement can be effected only with six month’s advance notification.

6. For specific program implementation, additional agreement shall be designed and signed by both parties.

7. The foregoing agreement between Beacon International College and Life University, having been duly approved by both parties, is hereby executed by the undersigned authorized representatives of each party.