Life University's vision is to provide higher quality education to students who desire to partake in improving Cambodia's economy, industry, and future.


Life University's mission is to nurture and develop students' talents and educate excellent and compassionate global leaders through Christian activities.


Life University strives to preserve and promote the Khmer culture and support Cambodia's development through education, research, and community service. The University prepares students to become effective members of the Cambodian society by equipping them with the professional capability to develop and enrich the country in the areas of Science, Technology and the Arts.

In order to achieve the vision and mission, Life University has the following strategic goals:

1. To create, improve, and maintain the quality of learning;
2. To improve student support in all areas of education;
3. To attract, reward, and retain the best people from around the globe;
4. To develop the knowledge, capabilities, and skills of our people;
5. To be inclusive, supportive, and collegial in our approach, which is underpinned by the principles of dignity and respect, equality and diversity, health, safety and wellbeing, success, and development;
6. To promote research and strengthen the research capacities among staff and students;
7. To serve the wider communities;
8. To increase links with national schools, employers, and graduate students;
9. To achieve continuous quality improvement in the academic and executive management and administration of the University;
10. To improve the infrastructure and equip, and maintain all University facilities so as to promote the University’s academic enterprise to the highest international standards;;
11. To create and sustain a resource base sufficient to make the University regionally and internationally competitive at the highest levels;
12. To establish equity and merit as fundamental principles through which the University encourages and assists staff and students to realize their full potential;
13. To improve the internal quality assurance of the University; and
14. To enhance the morality and behavior of students through Christian activities.