The English Department of Life University offers a 2-year master’s degree.  The program includes a comprehensive and wide-ranging curriculum, with an emphasis on real world objectives for students with a basis in Christian values.  The program aims to provide a working knowledge of English including theoretical and practical experience of skill sets.  The primary emphasis of the program is on: reading, writing, listening, speaking, and supplemented by translation and teaching skills.  Notably, the program aims and course contents are developed in accordance with the fact that English is not the mother tongue of the students.

Several courses engage diverse topics designed to offer students a well-rounded understanding of English and its practical applications, along with a good exposure to topics involving global cultural subjects, contemporary social Arts, literature, business English and world literature.  This diverse curriculum supplements the core teaching of grammatical writing and speech.  In sum, the program aims to balance the acquisition of competent use of English language with cultural knowledge and practical, real world skills.



Time to Complete

1 year


Course Code Course Title Credits
Bridging Courses (for those from undergrad majors other than English)
MAE0101 Introduction to Phonetics 3
MAE0102 Reading Comprehension 3
MAE0103 Introduction to Second Language Acquisition 3
Common Courses
MAE1101 Curriculum Development 3
MAE1102 Advanced Applied Linguistics* 3
MAE1103 Advanced Grammar and Composition 3
MAE2104 Phonetics & Phonology in Language Teaching 3
MAE2201 Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) 3
MAE1205 British and American Literature* 3
MAE1202 Semantics/Pragmatics/Stylistics 3
MAE2202 English for Specific Purposes 3
Research Subjects and Report
MAE2501 Research Methodology 3
MAE2502 Survey of the Literature 3
MAE2503 Research Paper Writing 3
MAE2504 Oral Defense Research Proposal 3
MAE2505 Presentation at an English Language Academic Forum 3
MAE2510 Research Report 6
Total (excluding the 9 credits for the Bridging Courses) 54

* Courses accountable for Exit Exams