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Student Activities

Committee helps all students in planning educational, cultural, recreational, and social programs. Its goal is to improve students’ overall learning experience through out-of-classroom activities, and to develop a community atmosphere among students, faculty and staff. The committee encourages students to participate in various programs and organizations that are available on our campus. The following are some of the organizations and clubs students can join.

Music and Theater Organizations  
Spiritual Life  
Community-based Services and Activities  
Various Contests (Public Speaking Contests, Beauty Contests, Food Tasting Contests)
Language Clubs  
Study Clubs  
And, many other recreational activities

Student Counseling

Life University provides spiritual and academic counseling to students.

Parenting Program

Under the Parenting Program, faculty members act as spiritual guides to students, providing them with encouragement, friendship, and assistance. The major purpose of this program is to oversee students’ progress to spiritual maturity. Faculty members look out for indicators, such as sadness, withdrawal, and moodiness, that might signal students are experiencing difficulty. Wrong understanding of the gospel and polytheistic attitudes may also be a hindrance to accepting the Christian faith. Faculty members work together with students, individually or in a group setting, to overcome these distractions and build their spiritual maturity.

Academic Counseling
Academic advising assists students with their academic choices by constructing educational plans which are compatible with their abilities and life goals. It is a continuous process built upon the accumulated personal contact between advisor and advisee. Academic advising fosters the development of a student who is a self-directed, motivated, responsible decision-maker, and encourages the successful completion of degree requirements and timely graduation. 

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