President's Welcome

Life University was established to educate Cambodian students with the truth and love of God so that they can love their neighbors as themselves, have respect for their parents as the Bible says, and contribute to the growth and prosperity of the Christian community and the national economy of Cambodia. Video

04-06 July, 2024

Admission team reaches out to local high schools.

23 November, 2023

Applications for Academic Year 2023-24 available now.

05 April, 2024

All Life schools celebrated Sangkran on campus.

  • Scholarships offered by the Korean Embassy
  • Scholarships offered by the President of Life University
  • Scholarships for Theology Students
  • Scholarships for high achievers (A, B, C) on the National Exam
  • Scholarships for high achievers on the Entrance Exam

Life University provides opportunities for top students to be selected to study abroad every semester.

(June 13, 2024)

Life University in Cambodia and Torch Trinity Graduate University in Korea held an MOU signing ceremony. The purpose of this mutual agreement is to cooperate in order to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth through education and to develop internationally recognized leaders.

Morning Chapel is the most visible aspect of the university’s Christian identity, demonstrating we are not just a learning community, but also a worshiping one. We believe those go together.

Special guests

Governor's Visit

The governor of Sihanoukville visits Life University to speak at a youth conference.

U.S. Ambassador's Visit​

Ambassador Patrick Murphy visits Life University for an event hosted by the ASA Foundation, empowering women in sports.

Everything we do is designed to develop Christ-centered knowledge with the values and skills essential to impact tomorrow's Cambodia and the entire world.

We believe in one holy, living and personal God, who is perfect in truth and love, omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent and eternally existent in three Persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God is the creator of all things and is the sovereign Lord of the world and of history. In love, He revealed Himself in creation, in the Scriptures, and supremely in Jesus Christ.

small effort makes big change

Life University’s vision is to provide higher quality education to students who desire to partake in improving Cambodia’s economy, industry, and future.

Life University’s mission is to nurture and develop students’ talents and educate excellent and compassionate global leaders through Christian activities.

Life University strives to preserve and promote Khmer culture and support Cambodia’s development through education, research, and community service. The University prepares students to become effective members of Cambodian society by equipping them with the professional capability to develop and enrich the country in the areas of Science, Technology and the Arts.

In order to achieve the vision and mission, Life University has the following strategic goals:

 1. To create, improve, and maintain the quality of learning;
 2. To improve student support in all areas of education;
 3. To attract, reward, and retain the best people from around the globe;
 4. To develop the knowledge, capabilities, and skills of our people;
 5. To be inclusive, supportive, and collegial in our approach, which is underpinned by the principles of dignity and respect, equality and diversity, health, safety and wellbeing, success, and development;
 6. To promote research and strengthen research capacities among staff and students;
 7. To serve the wider communities;
 8. To increase links with national schools, employers, and graduate students;
 9. To achieve continuous quality improvement in the academic and executive management and administration of the University;
 10. To improve the infrastructure and equip, and maintain all University facilities so as to promote the University’s academic enterprise to the highest international standards;
 11. To create and sustain a resource base sufficient to make the University regionally and internationally competitive at the highest levels;
 12. To establish equity and merit as fundamental principles through which the University encourages and assists staff and students to realize their full potential;
 13. To improve the internal quality assurance of the University; and
 14. To enhance the morality and behavior of students through Christian activities.

Life University puts an emphasis on global education to train future leaders. LU has a wide range of MOU relationships with some of the most notable universities in South Korea, United States, China, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and more. Our students have unique opportunities to study abroad through our student exchange and other internship programs.


August 02, 2023
Life Football Club Association of Preah Sihanouk Province holds its official Inauguration Ceremony.

Start-up Camp

August 01 - August 05, 2022
Phnom Penh

Opening Ceremony

February 28 at 09:00 AM
Aaron Hall

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