Associate of Science in Sports Management and Coaching

The Associate of Science in Sports Management & Coaching program of Life University is to provide graduates with:

 Objective 1:  The development of competencies in these areas is designed to emphasize the importance of academic training of competent professionals who will soon be leaders “in the field” of the sport industry. Comprehensive detailed knowledge and understanding of the essential concepts underpinning the sports as business and combine the opportunity to improve coaching skills, lead and manage sports teams, facilities, stadium and sports events management, public recreation and park systems, professional sports organizations, and community-based amateur athletic programs, core functioning of enterprises, accounting, business and sports law, economics, sports finance, management and organizational behavior, and marketing & Media.

Objective 2:  Abilities to critically analyze sports business conditions through the use of reliable and relevant research evidence to assist in the solution of organizational problems.

 Objective 3:  Abilities to effectively communicate with all stakeholders.

Objective 4:  Responsibilities to the institution where they work, community, and society with awareness of professional ethics.



Time to Complete

1 year


Foundation Year
First Semester Second Semester
Course Code Subject Credits Hours Course Code Subject Credits Hours
SPM2204 Introduction to recreation and leisure 3 48 SPM3101 Sport Facilities Management 2 32
SPM2103 Governance of Sport Organizations 3 48 SPM2201 Human Resource Management in sport 3 48
SPM2102 Sport Business 3 48 CSC1201 Computer Administration 3 48
SPM2104 Leadership and Sport Ethics 2 32 SPM2203 Sport Marketing 3 48
THE2101 Introduction to Christianity I 1 16 THE2202 Introduction to Christianity II 1 16
SPM1101 History of Sport 3 48 SPM1201 Introduction to Sport Management 3 48
Total 15 240 Total 15 240
Total Credits for Foundation Year: 30 Credits= 480 Hours
Second Year
First Semester Second Semester
Course Code Subject Credits Hours Course Code Subject Credits Hours
THE4101 History of Paul 1 16 Option I
SPM4101 Leadership and Sport Ethics 2 32 SPM4201 Sport Event in Practices* 3 48
SPM4102 Introduction to Coaching 2 32 SPM4202 Coaching in Practices* 3 48
SPM4103 Sports Psychology 3 48 SPM4203 Fitness Coaching (Athletic Training) 1 16
SPM4104 Grassroots Sports Development (Coaching) 3 48 INT4201 Internship 8 400
SPM4105 Women’s Football Development and Coaching 3 48
SPM4106 Sports Rules and Regulations 1 16
Total 15 240 Total 15 240
Total Credits for Second Year: 30 Credits = 480 Hours


Basic Major Subjects Core Major Subjects Subjects for General Education Elective Major Subjects
History of Sport Sport Facilities Management Introduction to Christianity I Advertising and Promotional Strategy
Computer Administration Human Resource Management in Sport Introduction to Christianity II Retailing Management
Introduction to Sport Management Sports Medicine History of Paul International Business Management
Introduction to Recreation and Leisure Governance of Sport Organizations International Economic Law
Sport Business Money and Banking
Coaching in Practices Financial Statement Analysis
Sport Events in Practices* Accounting Information System
Fitness Coaching (Athletic Training) Financial Decision-Making in Firms
Sports Psychology (Coaching) Financial Management II
Coaching Sessions Module International Trade
Football Team Formations Module Global Marketing
Leadership and Sport Ethics Business Communication Skills